How to embed a Knovio video

Watch these instructions to embed your Knovio video into our blog.

Summary: open your Knovio account, select the video, click SHARE, click EMBED, on the right side select the IFRAME embed code, copy the iframe embed code into your blog post. (Make sure you are in the TEXT format — not in VISUAL.)


Write a short description and click PREVIEW.

When you are happy with your post click SUBMIT FOR REVIEW. Be careful, as soon as you have submitted your blog you cannot edit it any more.

How to create your first blog

Watch this short video to find out how to create your first blog entry. You will need the following things:

  • Open your book recommendation text (in word or on moodle)
  • Open your video (eyejot, mybrainshark or in a separate tab on your browser.
  • In a third tab open

Now you are ready to get started. Watch the short video and then do exactly the same. You’ll see — blogging is easy.

I forgot one little tip at the end of the video: If you want to preview your video before submitting it, click on “preview“.

Let’s get started…

Dear 3b, This is your very own blog. Let’s use it to present your favorite books to the rest of the world. We’ll do this by posting a little video for each book. The easiest way to do this is by using With eyejot you’ll be able to show …

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Posts need pictures

Our blog will look best if we start each entry with a picture of the book that we are presenting. Then add a few lines of text and your video. I’ll show you in class how to do this. It’s very simple, you’ll see. I’ll just add a test video …

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Featured content

In this area at the top of our blog we can show a few special pictures that will be linked to specific blogs. We can use this area to showcase some of our favorite blogs. Now at the beginning we’ll use it for my tips and “help” blogs. As soon …

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Now it’s your turn…

Choose one of your favorite books that you have recently read in English. For the first post it might be helpful to work with a partner who has read the same book. plan your presentation, prepare your materials (drawings, objects, props…) record your presentation check if you like it // …

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This is a video post

That’s another test post. In this one we don’t have a static picture, just the embedded video. In this case you’ll only see the video on the front page if you select “Video” from the Format menu on the right.