All the Bright Places – Heart-breaking story

Theodor Finch thinks about death a lot. Suicidal thoughts are a dime a dozen in his life. He doesn’t have an easy life because he has a very bad relationship with his family. It’s hard for him to control his feelings and actions but he is very talented in calming down others. However, in school he is seen as a freak and he is far from popular.

Violet is equally important in the book. Finch and Violet are the main characters and the only ones you get to know better. Violet had a normal life until her sister has passed away in a car accident Since her sister’s death she doesn’t like to talk about her past but not only that. She is not able to ride in a car anymore, nor write entries for the blog she and her sister created and she generally takes her sister’s death as an excuse for everything.

When Violet and Finch meet at the ledge of the school’s belltower and they are both about to jump it’s unclear who saves whom from jumping off…The two of them team up for a class project about “natural wonders” in their state of Indiana. They start to “wonder”, as they like to call it. They visit a few places and enjoy to spend time with each other. You can then read how their relationship builds up…

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