All the Bright Places – Heart-breaking story

Theodor Finch thinks about death a lot. Suicidal thoughts are a dime a dozen in his life. He doesn’t have an easy life because he has a very bad relationship with his family. It’s hard for him to control his feelings and actions but he is very talented in calming down others. However, in school he is seen as a freak and he is far from popular.

Violet is equally important in the book. Finch and Violet are the main characters and the only ones you get to know better. Violet had a normal life until her sister has passed away in a car accident Since her sister’s death she doesn’t like to talk about her past but not only that. She is not able to ride in a car anymore, nor write entries for the blog she and her sister created and she generally takes her sister’s death as an excuse for everything.

When Violet and Finch meet at the ledge of the school’s belltower and they are both about to jump it’s unclear who saves whom from jumping off…The two of them team up for a class project about “natural wonders” in their state of Indiana. They start to “wonder”, as they like to call it. They visit a few places and enjoy to spend time with each other. You can then read how their relationship builds up…

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Harry Potter. A series consisting of seven books everyone of you has already heard of at least once in your life. The review you will be reading now is about the first novel: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone…

I already read all the books once, but only in German. However, I convinced myself to start reading them in the original language and after finishing the first one I was amazed, that in English the book is even better!

The main character in this book is called Harry Potter. A boy whose wizard parents were killed by the darkest and most dangerous of them all: Voldemort. After the loss of his parents, baby Harry was given to the Dursleys, is relatives, where his real identity was held a secret. Until one day Hagrid (a half-giant wizard) came and dragged him out of his miserable life and told him everything. In addition to that Harry is sent to Hogwarts, a school for wizards, where he will get in a lot of trouble (very often), get to now lots of people, including his two best friends and get to learn everything about the wizard world. Long story in short: read the book. Continue reading

Red Queen

This amazing novel is about the 18-year-old Mare Barrow. She lives in a society that is split by the colour of your blood. Red and silver. Reds are doomed to serve a life of oppression, death and misery. Silvers are born to rule over the ones that do not have …

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Cell-Stephen King

Cell, this book is an apocalyptic horror story written by the great author Stephen King in 2006.

It’s about Clayton Riddell, the protagonist, who visits Boston, to make an important step for his not so good-looking career. But on this special day, hell breaks loose and nothing will be as it was before. The ‘Pulse’ that is emanated from cell phones, turns normal people into zombie-like creatures, which will soon attack everything alive viciously. Boston is destroyed now, explosions, fires and savagely attacking creatures make it almost impossible to survive. Luckily… Continue reading

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time is an outstanding murder mystery novel, which is like no other. The detective and narrator, Christopher Boone, is fifteen years old and has Asperger’s Syndrom. He knows a great deal about maths, but very little about human beings. (You’ll find out what I mean with not knowing  human beings well, in my video. And as soon as he finds a neighbor’s dog murdered he sets out an terrifying journey which will turn his whole life upside down…

I hope you’ll enjoy watching my video, have fun reading!

The Alchemyst

The Alchemyst

The main characters are called Josh and Sophie Newman.They are normal twins untill they accedenly watch two magicans fight.

After that they want to know  more about this magic.

I think it’s really interesting how Josh and Sophie find out more and more about real magic.

If you love fantasy stories like I do you defenitly have to read this book because its nearly only about magic and its also very reveting to read and you really don’t  know what is happening next.

The prophecy of the gems

The Prophecy of the gems
It is a GREAT book about friendship. It’s about three girls who are the owners of three magical gems. According to these gems, they have to go to a place called Fairytale to fulfill their prophecy. When the girls meet the first time, they don’t know each other – except for the fact that they are supposed to be enemies.
The fantastic adventurous novel is definitely a MUST-READ!!!

Paper Towns by John Green

The main characters are Margo Roth Spiegelman and Quentin Jacobsen who were friends and neighbors when they were little but now they barely talk to each other.

A few weeks before they graduate Margo appears at Quentin’s window and asks him if he wants to accompany her in her all nighter of pranks. They break into sea world and pranks on he classmates they hate. In the next morning Margo was gone. Nobody knows where she is or if she’s dead or alive. She left clues for where she could be.

If they will find her or not you have to read yourselves!

The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner
This book is about an eleven year old girl named Parvana. She has two siblings and a mother and father. They live under Taliban rules which are very strict. The family moves to a smaller house every time that a bomb destroys their old house. So by now they live in a very small house. Women are only allowed to go outside with black burquas and with permission by their husband or father. In the book the father gets kidnapped and Parvana and her mother try to find him. On the way the get beaten up a lot. They only have one possibility left. Parvana needs to dress as a boy to sell stuff and look for her father without getting beaten the whole time. I highly recommend this book to every age group! I love the book because it is very realistic and I think everybody should know that there are still countries were women get beaten up and don’t have equal rights as men!