Cell-Stephen King

Cell, this book is an apocalyptic horror story written by the great author Stephen King in 2006.

It’s about Clayton Riddell, the protagonist, who visits Boston, to make an important step for his not so good-looking career. But on this special day, hell breaks loose and nothing will be as it was before. The ‘Pulse’ that is emanated from cell phones, turns normal people into zombie-like creatures, which will soon attack everything alive viciously. Boston is destroyed now, explosions, fires and savagely attacking creatures make it almost impossible to survive. Luckily… Clay finds a shelter, but he is eager to leave Boston and to find his son and his wife, living in Maine, who might or might not be cursed by the Pulse. But this dangerous adventure could be the last that Clay ever has. Surviving out there without any shelter would certainly mean death, because slowly the so called ‘phoners’ start to develop intelligence, but it gets even worse, they also evolve telepathy and telekinesis and shared thinking. Together in flocks these creatures easily hunt down every single human who is still alive. If you want to know if Clay can find his son and wife with the help of some humans and if the world will be destroyed after 2006 and no single person is alive and if the phoners take over and what the Pulse actually is and how or if it can be stopped, then you definitely have to read this book!

First of all I have to say that I adore Stephen King and that I am a big fan of him. I just love to read books written by him. His writing style and his way of describing things makes it almost impossible to stop reading. But I also liked this book in particular, because the story is just gorgeous. I think in the first 50 pages almost everyone is wiped out and you are in the middle of an apocalypse. The book never gets even a little bit boring and you can really feel with all the characters and all of your emotions are set free.

What I also liked is to play with the thought, what if this type of apocalypse happened now? The book was written about a decade ago, but so many things have changed. Everyone has a cell phone and uses it permanently, to be honest I wouldn’t survive the first day neither in Stephen King’s world. It’s strange how much we depend on phones, maybe we should think of that, at least this is one of the things the book made me think of.

In sum, read this book it’s worth every single word. Enjoy this gorgeous creation of a story, written by one of the best writers of our time, Stephen King.

Yours Anna.

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