Misery, another amazing novel by Stephen King

It has only been one day since I finished reading this book. Misery might be one of the very best books ever. Just the title itself sends shivers down my spine.
It isn’t the language that Stephen King uses in this novel that makes it so realistic and riveting; it is the way that this whole story was built up by him, that makes it so special. Actually the story is quite simple. Misery is a book about an ordinary man, Paul Sheldon, who happens to be a professional author. He literally became famous for several of his books, most of them about a detective called Misery (so as a matter of fact this is where the title of this novel has its origin). But now back to Paul, so besides that, he de facto lived a normal life, until the day he had a car accident  might have guessed another novel about Misery, but as a matter of fact he decided it to be the last one of this series.
Although Annie probably saved his life, I can fully understand, that he is not really thankful and that he indeed whished to die instead being forced to spend time with her. That’s because she took him to her house, to take care of him, instead of taking him to an ambulance, where he could have been cured properly. At her home she treated him with heavy drugs, which he slowly started to depend on. With the help of Paul’s dependence on the medication Annie also forced him to do that are at least in my opinion beyond okay. Once she even made him drink nasty, very dirty water in order he could swallow his pills. But that is one of the most harmless things that happen to him during this amazing story.   

It really starts to get riveting as Annie finishes reading “Misery’s Child” and finds out that her favourite character, Misery dies at the end. After that she is totally broken, and lets all her anger out on poor Paul. After that she compelled him to write another “Misery novel” called “Misery’s return”. She even obliged him to sit on his badly mutilated legs and to write his new story on a very old typewriter with the “n” missing, but now I don’t want to give away much more, you should just know that Annie has many different “personalities” and due to that one can never know what she’ll do next.
However it is not easy to explain her cruelty, but I think you will grasp it if you read the book, which you definitely should, if you love thrillers as much as I do! The one thing I honestly enjoyed the most were the precise descriptions that Stephen King always made. Sometimes they were even a bit too precise, at least for my taste…
Anyways, if you are looking for another breath taking as well as spellbinding novel, then read this one, it’s really worth it! I don’t know anything more to say… just ENJOY!

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