All the Bright Places – Heart-breaking story

Theodor Finch thinks about death a lot. Suicidal thoughts are a dime a dozen in his life. He doesn’t have an easy life because he has a very bad relationship with his family. It’s hard for him to control his feelings and actions but he is very talented in calming down others. However, in school he is seen as a freak and he is far from popular.

Violet is equally important in the book. Finch and Violet are the main characters and the only ones you get to know better. Violet had a normal life until her sister has passed away in a car accident Since her sister’s death she doesn’t like to talk about her past but not only that. She is not able to ride in a car anymore, nor write entries for the blog she and her sister created and she generally takes her sister’s death as an excuse for everything.

When Violet and Finch meet at the ledge of the school’s belltower and they are both about to jump it’s unclear who saves whom from jumping off…The two of them team up for a class project about “natural wonders” in their state of Indiana. They start to “wonder”, as they like to call it. They visit a few places and enjoy to spend time with each other. You can then read how their relationship builds up…


Stolen – an incredibly amazing. It is about the 16 year old girl Gemma, who gets kidnapped by a guy called Ty. He brings her to a house in the middle of nowhere in the Australian dessert, which he built just to keep her in. A story full of emotions…

The prophecy of the gems

The Prophecy of the gems
It is a GREAT book about friendship. It’s about three girls who are the owners of three magical gems. According to these gems, they have to go to a place called Fairytale to fulfill their prophecy. When the girls meet the first time, they don’t know each other – except for the fact that they are supposed to be enemies.
The fantastic adventurous novel is definitely a MUST-READ!!!

If I stay

If i staythe coolest book ever

I want to tell you something about the coolest book I’ve ever read! You just have to read it too. It is a novel and it is called “If I stay”. It was written by Gayle Forman, who was born in June 1970 in the USA.

But let’s go back to the book summary: Mia, a seventeen-year- old girl, who is the main character in the book, is a really good cellist and a classical music lover. She actually has everything that she has ever wanted , a family, a boyfriend, a best friend and a promising music career, but suddenly everything changes. Mia and her family have a really bad car accident, which takes her parents’ lives and seriously hurts Teddy, her little brother, and herself. She is taken to a trauma center. Mia steps out of her body and sees all the things which are happening around her. She can see her grandparents and other relatives arriving to visit her, also her best friend Kim comes to visit her. In the last moment also her boyfriend Adam, comes Now she has to make the most difficult decision.She actually doesn’t want to live anymore, but she also knows that if she died, it would hurt those who love her.

In the book there are a lot of changes between the things, which are happening around her in the hospital and her memories that she relieves until the accident happens.

Reasons why I like this book: I liked reading the book very much, because I like those books which are very emotional and I think you could sympathize with the characters feelings pretty well, although you actually don’t know how it is to be outside of your body. I like the Idea of changing between the here and now and the memories of the main character. It’s just soooooooo cool to read it, and I think it is one of those books, which you start reading and can’t stop.

I hope I made you curious to read it too and if yes, I just say: Enjoy reading it!!


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Christopher Paolini has written one of the best books I’ve ever read, Eragon. If you like fantasy stories I would really recommend it to you but also if you don’t like fantasy stories try it out and maybe you will experience the same thing as me. I don’t like fantasy stories either but now I know that there are good ones too.

The world, in which the story is taking place is called Alagaësia and it’s under Galbatorix’ control. He is a fallen dragon rider. A long time ago dragon riders used to be good and the keepers of peace, but when Galbatorix’ dragon died he turned mad and evil. He killed all the dragon riders.

The actual story starts with Eragon finding a strange blue stone in the Spine, a mountainous region near his home. Eragon is a poor, 15 year old orphan, who lives with his uncle and his cousin. After a while Eragon realizes that the stone isn’t a stone but a dragon egg. He keeps it secret and raises his dragon away from everyone’s eye. Soon Eragon and his dragon Saphira have to flee, because there are two strange guys called th Ra’zac in town. They are working for Galbatorix and are looking for Eragon and the blue stone. While Eragon is away, they kill his uncle by burning down his house. Eragon travels along with Saphira and Brom, the old story teller in town to take revenge.

Now a kind of new life starts for Eragon. A life full of action, danger and magic…