The Invention of Wings

The Invention of Wings

I came to read this amazingly well-written book in the last few days and I want you to know that I was overwhelmed! I totally recommend it to you and trust me you won’t be disappointed.

The first thing that I think makes the book so amazing, is the way the story of two girls with a completely different background, is presented. Well, you have to consider that the story is set in the 19th century, so that’s the second thing that I think is so well described. I perfectly could imagine and understand how the people lived back then, it was like travelling back in the past. Apparently, this book is written in the view of two girls so the book has two main characters. Another aspect I want to mention, that I found very appealing, is that throughout the book the whole life story of these two girls is described. It feels like you can almost watch them grow up from a young age on. Continue reading

Ask me no questions

“Ask me no questions” is a great book that I really recomend to you if you like to read sad and true stories.You can really  sympathize with the main character Nadira and you always want to know how her tragic story goes on. Just read it, you wont regret it!


An amazingly well written page-turner! An intriguing and mysterious suppressing system full of lies. A life full of rules and regulations where dreams and hopes are forbidden. If you’re different you are dangerous. A distopian masterpiece.