The Hunger Games

We would like to present the suspense-packed page turner: The Hunger Games. It is an absolutely brilliant novel, written by a fantastic author, Suzanne Collins who came up with this compelling story.

The Hunger Games are set in destroyed North America. After a war, the glorious country Panem developed. Its centre, the beating heart is called the Capitol, which is surrounded by twelve districts. The districts have to support the Capitol. In return they keep peace and people would live under their reign in law and order.

Once a district 13 exited. It planned a revolution against the Capitol, which failed, district 13 was destroyed. And to remind the people of the remaining districts, that they haven’t got a chance against the power of the Capitol, they invented the Hunger Games, which are organized every year. In these games, 24 tributes, one girl and one boy from the age of twelve to eighteen from every district get picked to fight in an arena, with a yearly changed location, until only one is left. The winner then is a hero for lifetime.

Katniss Everdeen is a sixteen year old girl from district 12. (One of the poorest.) There she lives with her little sister Prim and her mother a very hard life. Since her father died, Katniss was the one who had to provide the family with food. So she had to learn how to hunt. Katniss is excellent with bow and arrow, even better than her friend Gale, who’s the only person she can really trust. Katniss is not really the joking type of person but who would be like that if he or she had to fight every day to survive. She is a really strong willed, tough, clever, loyal and passionate person, who would die for the things she believes in. But Katniss’ life changes completely when Prim’s name gets picked at the reaping. (The day when the tributes get chosen.) There is nothing that she loves more than her little sister, so Katniss volunteers.

Now she has to go to the Hunger Games. There are 24 tributes and only one can survive. Will Katniss come back to the things she loves so much, to Prim who won’t last long without her, who believes that her sister will come back? Only one can get out of the arena alive.

Who will it be?