The Invention of Wings

The Invention of Wings

I came to read this amazingly well-written book in the last few days and I want you to know that I was overwhelmed! I totally recommend it to you and trust me you won’t be disappointed.

The first thing that I think makes the book so amazing, is the way the story of two girls with a completely different background, is presented. Well, you have to consider that the story is set in the 19th century, so that’s the second thing that I think is so well described. I perfectly could imagine and understand how the people lived back then, it was like travelling back in the past. Apparently, this book is written in the view of two girls so the book has two main characters. Another aspect I want to mention, that I found very appealing, is that throughout the book the whole life story of these two girls is described. It feels like you can almost watch them grow up from a young age on. Continue reading

Ask me no questions

“Ask me no questions” is a great book that I really recomend to you if you like to read sad and true stories.You can really  sympathize with the main character Nadira and you always want to know how her tragic story goes on. Just read it, you wont regret it!

The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner
This book is about an eleven year old girl named Parvana. She has two siblings and a mother and father. They live under Taliban rules which are very strict. The family moves to a smaller house every time that a bomb destroys their old house. So by now they live in a very small house. Women are only allowed to go outside with black burquas and with permission by their husband or father. In the book the father gets kidnapped and Parvana and her mother try to find him. On the way the get beaten up a lot. They only have one possibility left. Parvana needs to dress as a boy to sell stuff and look for her father without getting beaten the whole time. I highly recommend this book to every age group! I love the book because it is very realistic and I think everybody should know that there are still countries were women get beaten up and don’t have equal rights as men!

Percy Jackson – The Lightning Thief

This book is just AMAZING! It’s full of adventures and great dangers from the greek mythology.
It’s about a boy who finds out that he is a half blood (demi god) – the son of Poseidon.
He comes into a camp where he learns how to fight and how to defend himself from greek monsters.   But then something very important gets stolen, and Percy is the prime suspect…….

This amazing page turner is so suspence packed and written in a marvelous way- READ IT!!!