Red Queen

This amazing novel is about the 18-year-old Mare Barrow. She lives in a society that is split by the colour of your blood. Red and silver. Reds are doomed to serve a life of oppression, death and misery. Silvers are born to rule over the ones that do not have …

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An amazingly well written page-turner! An intriguing and mysterious suppressing system full of lies. A life full of rules and regulations where dreams and hopes are forbidden. If you’re different you are dangerous. A distopian masterpiece.

Percy Jackson – The Lightning Thief

This book is just AMAZING! It’s full of adventures and great dangers from the greek mythology.
It’s about a boy who finds out that he is a half blood (demi god) – the son of Poseidon.
He comes into a camp where he learns how to fight and how to defend himself from greek monsters.   But then something very important gets stolen, and Percy is the prime suspect…….

This amazing page turner is so suspence packed and written in a marvelous way- READ IT!!!