Stolen – an incredibly amazing. It is about the 16 year old girl Gemma, who gets kidnapped by a guy called Ty. He brings her to a house in the middle of nowhere in the Australian dessert, which he built just to keep her in. A story full of emotions…

The Killing

“The Killing” is one of Robert Muchamore`s bestselling novels. It is really great and I can really recommend it. 

The story is about a teenage boy called James Adams. His mom died, so he was sent to an organisation called CHERUB where kids and teenagers are tought to be agents. All those children live on campus (the headquaters of CHERUB). One day James freaks out and beats up another child. As a consequence he gets punished by the teachers and has to clean the staffrooms for at least a month. But a very generous mission controller sends him on  a mission to London. And that`s where the action starts…


An amazingly well written page-turner! An intriguing and mysterious suppressing system full of lies. A life full of rules and regulations where dreams and hopes are forbidden. If you’re different you are dangerous. A distopian masterpiece.

The Alchemyst

The Alchemyst

The main characters are called Josh and Sophie Newman.They are normal twins untill they accedenly watch two magicans fight.

After that they want to know  more about this magic.

I think it’s really interesting how Josh and Sophie find out more and more about real magic.

If you love fantasy stories like I do you defenitly have to read this book because its nearly only about magic and its also very reveting to read and you really don’t  know what is happening next.

The Outsiders

The Outsiders

The main character of this great book is called Hylas, he has no parents but one sister. He is an outsider which means he is not allowed to live in town and there are other outsiders too. One day all outsiders got chased and some of them were killed by strange people and no one knows why. Hylas lost his sister and now he has to find her. And as if this wasn’t enough he woke up on a totally different island. He experiences many adventures and luckily the gods help him to survive. I loved to read this book, because it’s full of adventures and it’s very exciting and I think you have to read it.