The Killing

“The Killing” is one of Robert Muchamore`s bestselling novels. It is really great and I can really recommend it. 

The story is about a teenage boy called James Adams. His mom died, so he was sent to an organisation called CHERUB where kids and teenagers are tought to be agents. All those children live on campus (the headquaters of CHERUB). One day James freaks out and beats up another child. As a consequence he gets punished by the teachers and has to clean the staffrooms for at least a month. But a very generous mission controller sends him on  a mission to London. And that`s where the action starts…


The main character is America Singer. She has red hair, green eyes and is very beautiful. She and her family are fives, that means they are pretty poor. But then she gets picked by the Selection and everything changes…

I really recommend this book to everyone who likes love stories because it´s 90% romance. It´s very well written and I personally liked the ups and downs of the story. It´s also 10% civil war so not pure kitsch 🙂 It´s really one of the greatest books I´ve ever read…


City of Bones


The mortal instruments was written by Cassandra Clare published by walker books.

City of Bones is about Clary Frey, who finds out about a new world.  The Shadowhunters. Her best friend Simon is turning into a vampire, she notice that she doesn´t knows anything about her family and she gets a boyfriend who has a relationship with her, for short: her whole world gets crazy. But there are even more secrets about her, that even she doesn´t knows. She joins the shadowhunters and has to deal with crazy warlocks, bloody vampires and her family.

More about Shadowhunters:

They have angelic blood and human blood (note from the author: that´s very sad) Shadowhunters, also called Nephilins, fight against downworlders, demons and  half-blooded monsters. They have special weapons and healing materials. Mortals (normal humans) don´t see them if the don´t want to get seen. With the steal (like a wand) they burn marks in form of tattoos into their skin to have extra powers, like faster running or healing.