City of Bones


The mortal instruments was written by Cassandra Clare published by walker books.

City of Bones is about Clary Frey, who finds out about a new world.  The Shadowhunters. Her best friend Simon is turning into a vampire, she notice that she doesn´t knows anything about her family and she gets a boyfriend who has a relationship with her, for short: her whole world gets crazy. But there are even more secrets about her, that even she doesn´t knows. She joins the shadowhunters and has to deal with crazy warlocks, bloody vampires and her family.

More about Shadowhunters:

They have angelic blood and human blood (note from the author: that´s very sad) Shadowhunters, also called Nephilins, fight against downworlders, demons and  half-blooded monsters. They have special weapons and healing materials. Mortals (normal humans) don´t see them if the don´t want to get seen. With the steal (like a wand) they burn marks in form of tattoos into their skin to have extra powers, like faster running or healing.


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