Paper Towns by John Green

The main characters are Margo Roth Spiegelman and Quentin Jacobsen who were friends and neighbors when they were little but now they barely talk to each other.

A few weeks before they graduate Margo appears at Quentin’s window and asks him if he wants to accompany her in her all nighter of pranks. They break into sea world and pranks on he classmates they hate. In the next morning Margo was gone. Nobody knows where she is or if she’s dead or alive. She left clues for where she could be.

If they will find her or not you have to read yourselves!

Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech

The main charachters are Florida and Dallas who are orphans and twins.They are real trouble makers, they have broken every single rule in the orphanage. Many times. An old couple adopts them, and the twins are more than surprised how kind they are! Whatever they break, it doesn’t really matters. They get payed if they do a little work and they can stop whenever they want. They get food…

But their one dream is to just go away, since they are in the orphanage they just want to leave. If you want to know if Tiller and Sairy can keep the twins, read it.

When you start reading it, it’s “just a book”. But if you go ahead with reading it, I promise you’ll fall in love. With that book. It’s not a book you read and then put it away and take another one but one you can’t stop reading and in the end can’t stop thinking about it.