Goosebumps – The Haunted School

Tommy comes to a new school. It is hard for him to make new friends. He signs up for a dance decoration committee. There he meets Ben and Thalia. Tommy, Ben and Thalia are drawing big banners with the school logo on them, but they forgot one color and Tommy has to get the missing color from the art room. In the art room he is hearing voices but he can-not see anyone. A short time before the dance starts, one banner tears apart and they have to get glue from the art room again. Ben wants to run up the stairs but Tommy is thinking he knows a shortcut. The shortcut turns into a dead end and Ben slams directly into the wall. The wall brakes down and behind it there is an elevator. Tommy Ben and Thalia want to ride the elevator but as soon as they are in it gets stuck, and they can-not get out….