A Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The main characters
The main character is Gregory Heffely, his nickname is Greg. He goes to school with his best friend Rowley . His hobby is playing videogames. Greg has an older brother called Rodrick Heffley.Rodrick is very mean to Greg, he goes to the same school as Greg. Rodrick plays in a band called “Löded Dipper”. Greg’s problem is that he had really lously summer and a secret. Rodrick always forces Greg to do something otherwise will tell everybody about his secret. Rodrick doesn’t have any problems.

Rodrick’s Party
The parents of Rodrick and Greg want to leave the house for the weekend, they explicitly forbid Rodrick to throw a party. The moment after the parents leave, Rodrick phones all his friends to throw a big house party. Shortly before the guest come Rodrick locks his brother in the cellar. While his brother is freezing in the basement Rodrick is having fun at his party. The next morning Greg walks upstairs into the livingroom, and it looks as if it was hit by a bomb. Greg has to help clean up the mess, because Rodrick forces him. Right afterward the parents come back and they didn’t notice anything. After one week the parents wanted to invite friends for dinner. They want to show some pictures to their friends. Unfortunaly on the camera thy find some pictures of the party. That’s how the parents know about the party. They are grounded for one month.

Book Recommendation
I have read the book “A Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. This book is a diary of a child called Greg . I read the book Rodrick rules, there are 8 different book of “A Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. This book is very interesting, because you often have the same as the main character Greg. The book is really nice to read, because it isn’t confusing. It is a book, where you don’t want stop reading because, you just want to know what happens next. You really need to read this great book.

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