Teacher Trouble

I think this book fits perfect for you, if you like not too long, but interesting stories.

It is really cool to see how Jenny, the main character, solves her problem, of going to the wrong school on the first day. She gets mistaken as a teacher, and then many crazy things happen. I was really impressed, that such a short book would be that good.

The Popcorn Pirates

The book I would like to recommend to you, is called “The Popcorn Pirates”. I think this book is good, because the is very interesting. Later I will tell you more about this. What I didnt like about the book are the pictures. They are very childish. One good thing about the book is, that it is not too thick, so it is never boring. The Main Characters: The main characters are Lucy, and her two friends. They live on the “Popcorn Islands”, that were discovered more than 100 years ago, by Lucys greatgrandfather and his wife. They found out, that you can grow popcorn very good on the islands, because of the soil. Soon after somebody had the idea to sell the popcorn to the Americans. They worked very well for many years, until now. The captain gets robbed by pirates. As he arrived at the islands, Lucy and her friends wanted to help the captain and his dog Biscuit. They decided to come along with him, but they were robbed, and the children were kidnapped. While they ever see Biscuit and the captain again? Or will they never escape and become pirates? If you want to know what happens next, you have to read the book yourself.

by Stefan and Max