Percy Jackson – The Lightning Thief

This book is just AMAZING! It’s full of adventures and great dangers from the greek mythology.
It’s about a boy who finds out that he is a half blood (demi god) – the son of Poseidon.
He comes into a camp where he learns how to fight and how to defend himself from greek monsters.   But then something very important gets stolen, and Percy is the prime suspect…….

This amazing page turner is so suspence packed and written in a marvelous way- READ IT!!!



The book I’ve just read is called Lionboy and if you like books about friendship or if you like animals especially cats you really have to read it. It is a really exiting story. If you once start to read it you really can’t stop and you always want to know how the adventure goes on.

The main character of the book is a friendly and brave boy called Charlie Ashanti. He seems quite normal. His parents are scientists. They can make very healthy medicines and lotions and exactly that is the problem. The book plays in the future and many children are ill. They have asthma. Charlie’s clever parents had found a medicine against it and that is when they get in trouble. Somebody wants their skills and for sure it is somebody who doesn’t want to do something good for the people.

So when Charlie comes home and his parents aren’t there, he decides to rescue them. With the help oft he cats, his only friends, he finds out that his parents are kept in Paris .

With a boat he wants to get to Paris , but when he gets to a swimming circus called Circe, everything changes, because there are lions too.

And Charlie is he only one who can talk to them.

The lion’s mad trainer Maccomo gives them a drug to make them more gently, but when Charlie figures that out he of course tries to help the lions and together they plan to run away from the circus and find Charlie’s parents.

If you want to know how this great story continues and if Charlie manages o rescue his parents you have to read the book!

Lionboy is the first book of three volumes, it is one of my favorite books, because you could really identify with Charlie. And it is very riveting to read.


Have fun reading it!

The Popcorn Pirates

The book I would like to recommend to you, is called “The Popcorn Pirates”. I think this book is good, because the is very interesting. Later I will tell you more about this. What I didnt like about the book are the pictures. They are very childish. One good thing about the book is, that it is not too thick, so it is never boring. The Main Characters: The main characters are Lucy, and her two friends. They live on the “Popcorn Islands”, that were discovered more than 100 years ago, by Lucys greatgrandfather and his wife. They found out, that you can grow popcorn very good on the islands, because of the soil. Soon after somebody had the idea to sell the popcorn to the Americans. They worked very well for many years, until now. The captain gets robbed by pirates. As he arrived at the islands, Lucy and her friends wanted to help the captain and his dog Biscuit. They decided to come along with him, but they were robbed, and the children were kidnapped. While they ever see Biscuit and the captain again? Or will they never escape and become pirates? If you want to know what happens next, you have to read the book yourself.

by Stefan and Max

Warriors: Into the Wild

Into the wild is the first novel of the series warriors. In this book cats play the main characters. There are wild cats who live in the wood and fight each other. Rusty the main character lives with humans but he decides to join one of the clans in the wood but there life isn’t easy for a houscat like him and there are many enimies. I like this book and I think it is very exiting to read and it is fascinating to read from a cat’s view.

Skulduggery Pleasant

Skulduggery Pleasant is the first novel of the Skulduggery Pleasant series, writen by Derek Landy. The novel crosses the Horror, Comedy, mystery, and Fantasy Genres.

The Story is about the character Skulduggery Pleasant, an undead magician and dedective, with his Partner Stephanie Edgley who goes by Valkyrie Cain, and numerous Magic-wielding allies as they try to prevent Nefarian Serpine from unleashing a weapon of terrible power on the world.

When the Snow Fell + Mary Poppins

When the Snow Fell

When the Snow Fell is a great book about a joung boy called Joel Gustafson, who lives a poor life. Annualy he does his new year resolution. For example he wants to sea the sea, but he hasn’t got a lot of money. There is also another new year resolution: He wants to find his mother. Is he going to manage that or any other of his wishes?

Author: Henning Mankell

Pages: 256

Anna’s Recomentation: I liked to read the book and I would read it all over again. It was interesting, because Joel’s life is much more different than mine. Only sometimes it was a bit boring.

Dora’s Recomentation: I haven’t read the book yet, but after listening to Anna I really want to read it. I think it sounds like a sad, but worthwhile story. Everyone of you, including me, has to read this novel!


Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is a famous novel about an extraordinary nanny, who works for the Banks family. tTogether with the four children she experinences many adventures, but not normal things. No, it’s a book full of magic moments and funny scenes.

Author: P.L. Travers

Pages: 224

Dora’s Recomentation: I liked this compelling book, and it was written very well. I think I would have liked it more if I would have been a bit younger-but still you have to read it.

Anna’s Recomentation: I have heard about the book, but I never read it. But after you watch our video the same that happended to me will happen to you: You would love to read the book!